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Please note that not all photographers are out to SCAM a potential model. I believe that 99% of all photographers have good intentions but it is that 1% that you need to watch out for.

If you haven’t already, you can go ahead and add modeling scams to your list of ‘Things to Watch Out for on Social Networks”. It is the goal of Eric Karr Photography / to provide the new aspiring models, whether male or female; with as much information as possible. I hope the links below will help educate you on some of the things you should be looking at and questions you should be asking prior to meeting with a photographer who  has contacted you via a Social Networking Site or via email. There may be other forms of communication so please take those into account as well.

Craigslist is an excellent resource for not only potential employees but employers as well. It provide an effective advertising platform for both. Unlike where you are required to signup for an account to post a job offering Craigslist does not require this. Also, they allow the poster to use a disguised email address. So when you are looking at the ads on Craigslist where people are looking for models please make sure you look to see if they listed a real email address. Now, if they did not use their real email address but instead disguised it then it may be because of SPAM and this is totally understandable.

Check the ad to make sure they included a real name, a legitimate and established website address or even a telephone number. In case something was to happen law enforcement can use this information to their advantage.

If none of the above exists then I would be cautious as to what information you provide them. If they simply are asking you to send in your pictures then be very careful as you do not want any personal information falling into the wrong hands. I have attached a PDF file of actual jobs that have been posted to Craigslist without any of the information I stated above. Again, this is for information purposes only and sound judgement should be used on your part.

Don’t accept alcohol from the photographer or anything to drink unless it is properly sealed. Unscrupulous photographers may offer you an alcoholic beverage indicating to you that it may loosen you up. This is a sure sign that you need to be heading for the door since photographing you in a professional manner is obviously not their intent. If you are doing a location based shoot check to see if the photographer has brought along their kids. Now, there is nothing wrong with bringing children to a photo shoot unless of course the shoot involves nudity. Also, if you are paying for a photographer make sure they are spending the time you have paid for photographing you and not running back and forth to their minivan to give their kiddo’s milk. A professional photographer will make sure they have the appropriate child care services in place before heading off to a shoot. Always agree in writing when you are going to get your photographs. Photographers who are looking to simply photograph you or get you nude will take several months before getting you your pictures. Always make sure you have a clear understanding when you will be getting your pictures.

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If you have questions or would like to report a scam please let us know and we will forward it to the correct authorities.