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It’s true. No amount of gear will ever replace a patient and considered approach. So, although this list exists, please don’t consider it a short-cut to compelling photographs. Practice, perseverance and patience will bring you greater rewards than new lenses.

The list below exists, in part, because I’m frequently asked what gear I prefer and so this is an easy reference guide. I have no strong allegiance to brands, gear has to do a job. It’s got to be reliable, robust and able to withstand challenging environments. If the gear doesn’t work on one shoot then it doesn’t find its way onto the list for the next job.

Gear gets upgraded when the need arises so this list changes periodically but the core elements remain the same. Different jobs dictate the need for different gear so not every item comes on every shoot.
Tucked away inside the bottom of the bag is a hidden compartment which when opens reveals a rain proof cover which can be secured around the case to protect it further from the elements. My day to day bag of choice is the LowePro 450 AW. It is built solid, very durable and has a very comfortable harness system for long treks. Also built into the bag is a tripod carrying strap and holder.

Camera bodies and lenses

I have always used Canon gear. That’s not to say that other camera manufacturers are not just as good. The camera bodies that I own and the selection of lenses below covers every focal length I need whilst giving me the wide apertures that give creative exposure opportunities and the ability to work in relatively low light.

Camera & Lenses:

1- Canon 5Ds

1 – Canon 1 DX

2 – Canon 1D – MK III

1 – Canon 5D MK III

1 – Canon 5D MK II

2 – Canon 7D’s

2 – Canon 50D

8 – Wireless Transmitters for the transfer of images to iMac or Ipad for instant review

1 – Sigma 300mm F 2.8

1 – 35mm F1.4

1 – 16-35mm F2.8

1 – Canon 24-70mm F 2.8

1 – Canon 16-35mm IS USM II F 2.8

1 – Canon 50mm F 1.2

1 – Canon 135mm F 2.0

1 – Canon 70-200mm F 2.8

1 – Canon 24-105mm F 4.0

1 – Tokina 11-16mm F2.8

1 – Canon 85mm F1.4

While I do have an assortment of bodies I do use each for a specific task. The Canon 1DX’s are used for when I shoot sporting events such as football or mixed martial arts. The full frame 1DX coupled with the high ISO and 14 FPS make it an ideal sports camera. The 5D MK II & III are my main goto bodies for portraits. The MK II was replaced with the MK III in 2012 and has several advantages over the MK II. Picture quality is almost identical between the two and the build quality of both is high.
4 – AlienBees B1600 Strobes

4 – Vagabond Battery Packs for AliebBees B1600

4 – 500 Watt Fill Strobes w/Battery Packs

2 – 580 EX II Speedlights

2 – 430 EX II Speedlights

6 – PocketWizard Transmitters

6 – PocketWizard Receivers

1 – Manfrotto Tripod

1 – Manfrotto Ball Head

1 – 5′ Octabox

4 – WestScott Soft Boxes

4 – WestScott Umbrellas

One or more lights will be used at all times on my shoots. I feel it is important to make sure that all aspects of the area are correctly covered with the proper light.

Additional Equipment

1 – iPad

1 – iPad 4

1 – MacBook Pro

1 – Lenovo w/2 500GB HD for immediate backups while on location

2 – Compact/SD Card Readers USB 3.0

1 – Lightroom 4.0

1 – Adobe PhotoShop 6

1 – Final Cut Pro

There you have it. Should you have any questions about a specific piece of equipment please feel free to let me know and I will be more than happy to help.