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Ways To Prepare Your Home For Selling

  1. Clean, clean, clean
  2. Pay attention to smells
  3. Clear out the clutter
  4. Repaint the walls neutral colors
  5. Keep the décor simple
  6. Get rid of personal items
  7. Let there be light!
  8. Bring nature inside
  9. Get rid of bulky furniture
  10. Organize your closets
  11. Tackle that honey-do list
  12. Do a faux “renovation
  13. Give each room a purpose
  14. Turn the bathroom into a spa
  15. Close the toilet!
  16. Turn the living room into conversation central
  17. Keep the flow going
  18. Make something yummy
  19. Make it look “lived in” with vignettes
  20. Highlight focal points
  21. Boost the curb appeal

Note: I am not a real estate agent – I am a real estate photographer. After shooting over 600 homes this year alone (2019) I have discovered what works and what doesn’t work.